We guided Vanguard in shaping the future and design of their 401K Participant Experience.


Product Design (UX & UI), Information Architecture, Design Strategy




2020 - 2021

401(k) programs are notoriously complicated and Vanguard’s experience didn’t lend itself for clarity. My team at Deloitte delivered a complete overhaul of Vanguard’s entire Participant Experience – where a user will interact and manage their employer sponsored 401(k) plan.  Our approach was research and user testing led that ensured our end-to-end design experience was serving Vanguard's customers effectively. Our core goal was to build trust and confidence in a complex space of retirement savings through the responsive web platform.

Research & Discovery

Understanding the landscape.

We conducted  in-depth research to uncover insights across the different journeys of a participant, from enrolling, to saving, getting ready to transition to retirement, and living off of savings as a retiree.

6 months

User interviews, stakeholder workshops, competitive analysis, proof of concept prototypes

Exposing the experience.

In order to map out a new retirement experience, we needed to understand what underlying needs drive action when humans of all types engage with the idea of retirement. So, we started asking why it is people do things related to retirement.

So we categorized this inventory of behaviors between:
Do : actions users take - View : things they need to see - Learn : information people need to learn.

Defining the architecture.

We took a behavior-driven approach and avoided terminology and jargon wherever possible in favor of language that describes the goal rather than the action.