Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer needed a design and information architecture overhaul of their .com site.


Web design, information architecture, scalability design


Lilly Pulitzer




Lilly Pulitzer’s iconic prints and colors have made them a cult-classic, but their ecommerce site was not performing to industry and corporate standards. My team at Deloitte Digital took the lead to redesign their experience. Through deep user research and key bespoke site template design we delivered an entirely refreshed experience that proved to be a success to Lilly and customers alike. After the success of the .com site, we took on the iOS app.

Research & Discovery


The Lilly Pulitzer is an iconic brand among their devote shoppers that brings to mind a typical “Lilly girl” image. However, through our research team’s detailed investigation and customer interviews, we learned that the typical Lilly customer goes beyond the Palm Beach or sorority girls.

6 months

User interviews, stakeholder workshops, competitive analysis, proof of concept prototypes

Restructuring the architecture

Any ecommerce expert will tell you that a customer no longer enters a site via the homepage - they enter “Sideways”. Due to search terms and shopping habits, users often have a destination or product type in mind. The site’s architecture needs to support this “sideways” browsing with clear and organized labels that make sense to both the user and the brand they’re shopping.

For I led the architecture thinking and iterated and designed the final solution for the navigation strategy.

So we categorized this inventory of behaviors between:
Do : actions users take - View : things they need to see - Learn : information people need to learn.

Designing Custom eCommerce site templates 

We created key page templates for the Lilly Pulitzer brand to breath life in to any season, product, or brand story. We prioritized a clean aesthetic to let the clothes tell the stories, assisted by experience-driven shoppable modules sthat could be swapped depending on product and page needs.

I was responsible for the UX design and wireframe screens.